This guide will walk you through using Bitcoin Afterburner to boost the miner fee of your unconfirmed bitcoin transactions. Boosting the transaction with Bitcoin Afterburner will result in your previously stuck transaction confirming within the next 6 blocks.

  1. Bitcoin Afterburner only works with modern bitcoin wallets that refer to themselves as complying with the BIP44 & BIP39 standard. Check to see if your wallet is compatible with Afterburner. If your wallet isn't listed contact your wallet provider to determine BIP44 & BIP39 compliance.

  2. You must have the wallet mnemonic (recovery words) for the wallet with transactions you wish to boost. Ask your wallet provider if you cannot find your wallet mnemonic.

  3. There must be enough bitcoin in the wallet or apart of the original transaction's change to cover the Boost fees. For more information, see our Fees page.

Step 1 - Install Bitcoin Afterburner

Bitcoin Afterburner is available on Android 5.0+

An iOS version is planned for the future if there is sufficient demand.

Step 2 - Import your wallet

Import your compatible bitcoin wallet by typing your wallet's mnemonic (sometimes referred to as 'recovery phrase/word/seed'). There are always at least 12 recovery words, enter them in the order presented by your wallet software, seperated by spaces.

If you have a passphrase associated with your wallet enter that in the Passphrase field. This is fairly uncommon but may serve more advanced users.

Step 3 - Boost Stuck Transaction

Bitcoin Afterburner will only display unconfirmed transactions that are unlikely to confirm in the next 48 hours. Select a transaction that you would like to inspect further.

Tap the BOOST option to review the boosting fees you will need to pay to get your transaction confirmed.

If you accept the fees tap the OK option. This will begin the boost process.

Step 4 - Wait for Boosting

Boosted transactions will normally confirm in the next 30 minutes, but under some circumstances may take up to 6 blocks.